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Our quality floor care and cleaning packages guarantee to restore the look and quality of your tiled floor areas.

Our professional team will service your business or workplace by first coming to review your floor space, ensuring we understand the area in its full capacity. This assessment will allow us to get a better understanding of the boundaries of the space needing to be cleaned, the present state of your floor, and the level of treatment you’ll initially need.

Restorative Cleaning

Stripping and waxing a floor can revitalize an entire office, business, or workspace – that’s why we call our most intensive floor cleaning process, ‘restorative cleaning’. As a foundation on which your floors will be maintained, restorative cleaning may only need to be applied once. This process will not only save you money, but your space will also look incredible!


Following your initial restorative clean, we will put together a bi-annual, quarterly, or monthly program that best meets your budget and the needs of the space.


Our ‘once a month’ floor-cleaning program includes both full stripping and waxing – ensuring your floors will be renewed with quality care, every time. Caring consistently for high-traffic areas will extend the life of your floors and guarantees to preserve the appeal of your space for clients, customers, and employees.


While pricing is based on the size and condition of your tile floor, we believe that constant up keeping is well worth any dollar. By spreading your maintenance budget over 12 months, giving consistent attention to your floor, (rather than conditioning once a year), you’ll be amazed by the results.

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Different seasons bring about different cleaning concerns. Ice-melting salt, mud, tar, and dirt – we know that these hard to clean substances end up caked to your tiles and smashed into the creases. That’s why we also provide basic tile and grout cleaning! These services are available weekly, monthly, seasonally, or as needed!


Let us “wow” you by bringing your tile back to life.


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