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We offer a cleaning service like no other. Below are some of our specialties.

  • Move in move out cleaning services
  • Office and general cleaning services
  • Commercial and industrial cleaning services
  • Emergency cleaning services
  • Carpet cleaning & upholstery cleaning

Sometimes the simplest things are the hardest to find. So we created a new line for everyday life, All Year Round.

EBM uses a simple and fast method for deep cleaning upholstered furniture.

We offer you the flexibility to choose standard size matting from a variety of options,

Originally founded in 2001, EBM cleaning has gone through various transformative stages. Originating as a general cleaning agency, EBM has since found their niche as a supplier of four main cleaning specialties: janitorial services, carpet care, upholstery care, and floor care. Click the button below to get in touch

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