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About Us

Our History

Originally founded in 2001, EBM cleaning has gone through various transformative stages. Originating as a general cleaning agency, EBM has since found their niche as a supplier of four main cleaning specialties: janitorial services, carpet care, upholstery care, and floor care. Founder Mark Cottrill was drawn to the cleaning business through his work in the funeral home industry. When approached about a specific cleaning issue a funeral home was experiencing, Mark realized there was a noticeable lack in the market – cleaning services weren’t providing alternatives to wet-cleaning. From there, Mark began to research cleaning options, unwilling to settle for carpets that would remain damp for days after being cleaned. That was when Mark came upon the HOST Dry Extraction System. Mark was later delighted to learn that in addition to its dry extraction advantages, HOST was also environmentally preferred and really worked! From there Mark decided EBM would lead the way, bringing dry extraction technology to the forefront of the cleaning industry. EBM is dedicated to proving the value of using dry over wet cleaning systems, as well as showcasing how cleaning carpets more frequently as a maintenance activity can save money by extending the life of the carpets.

Our Philosophy

At EBM, we are committed to starting your day clean. 

We believe that work and home environments need to be safe, clean, and healthy for your families, friends, customers, and employees. We value these environments and must be able to keep them in the best shape to serve your everyday needs.

Whether you need help maintaining an entire condominium complex or just need upholstery cleaning for your office furniture, we will find the right solution and care package for you.

One of our most important features is that EBM only uses the best cleaning products for our customers. Using advanced HOST and Aridex technology, we are committed to cleaning your carpets and upholstery with environmentally preferred, safe, dry, and effective solutions.

We are unique in the carpet cleaning and janitorial industry in that we hire employees and not sub-contractors. We believe that our unique approach to service allows us to fully train and prepare our team, providing them with stable and reliable work, which increases productivity and positive customer service relationships.

Find out how EBM can improve the cleanliness of your properties while extending the life of your assets.

Industries We Serve

Our skilled technicians are extensively trained to produce unparalleled results for our clients. We are therefore prepared to customize our service to whatever your specific needs may be.


  • Schools
  • Condos
  • Funeral Homes
  • Recreational Buildings
  • Residence Buildings
  • Medical Offices
  • Offices
  • Industrial Buildings
  • Construction cleanup