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EBM Matting

We offer you the flexibility to choose standard size matting from a variety of options, as well we can custom size a mat to fit your desired needs and space. Please reach out to us and we would be pleased to consult on your specific needs and discuss options.

We also can offer Logo mats and custom shape matting. We can show you the benefits of owning over renting and provide a greater variety of grades of matting a rental company cannot offer.

  1. Scarper Matting (exterior)
  2. Scarper/Wiper Matting (outdoor/indoor use)
  3. Wiper Matting (indoor use only)
  4. Boot Trays
  5. What type of Mat is for you?

When you are shopping for a carpeted mat, consider the following:


  • Where will your mat live?
    • On a smooth or carpeted floor
    • In a high traffic, medium traffic, or low traffic area
  • What will it be exposed to?
    • Direct sunlight
    • Possible staining agents – dirt/mud, coffee, etc.
  • How will you care for your mat?
    • Will it be cleaned regularly by your janitorial staff?
    • Will it be serviced by a commercial laundry/uniform service?


Which EBM carpeted mat is right for you?

If you’re looking for a traditional cut pile solution-dyed nylon, check out Classic Solutions / Solutions Plus; check out MicroLux or Plush for thicker, plusher options, or Classic Brush for more aggressive scraping/dirt-removal.
If you’re looking for PET, check out ColorStar.

Many carpeted mats can be customized with your logo or design. If adding your company logo, a message, or photographic-quality designs to your mat sounds appealing to you, check out these mats:

  • ColorStar Impressions, our PET carpeted logo mat
  • Classic Impressions HD, our acid-dyed/printed nylon carpeted logo mat (this one can be made in custom shapes too!)